Descartes letter

Descartes letter

15 February 1650


Your Highness,

There are still god in heavens and holy messengers on earth, since I could find a way to have this letter sent to you, together with the accompanying package. My name is Jules Ferry and I am nothing but a servant. Were it not for the unmeasurable importance of this message, and for the fact that I was conjured to deliver it with utmost discretion, I would have never taken the liberty of addressing a letter to Your Highness – nor a single word, for that matter. But, for reasons which I do not even begin to understand, God gave me access not only to secrets of the state, but of the soul, too. As servant of Your uncle – Charles the 1st – I came to see the British political scene with more than just bodily yes. But since from surfaces to depth is just a one-way street, I could not go on living in London after Your uncle’s death, so I went to Sweden, being accepted at the Royal Court as a librarian.

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