Author: AnaMaria

Thoughts of reform

Thoughts of reform 17 July 2010 What are the terms employed and which ideas form the basis of a discussion on a reform of the justice system for different nations? What causes these debates and how do these profound motivations...

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The Bach sunset

The Bach sunset 07 May 2006 Bach’s Ciaccona – in the evening, above the trees and under a sky of grey – is the perfect expression of how one feels on colourless evenings. So deep, so true, so… undecided. Sad and...

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The ethical jungle

The ethical jungle 28 November 2005 Ethics is the most intimate intellectual space there is – for the very reason that, at its core, it is hardly intellectual at all. Rather, it is one’s private jungle. One gets lost and...

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The Book of oblivion

The Book of oblivion 24 October 2005 This is for those who freed themselves from the chains of academic philosophy. This is for those who think their own thoughts – and don’t TRY to follow them through to...

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