Editors: Ruth Wolf (Bar Ilan University, Israel) and Theodora Issa (Curtin University, Australia)

Publisher: IGI Global, December 2014

ABSTRACT of Chapter 12

Business Ethics is Socio-Political, or Not at All:

The Case of Roşia Montana

Ana-Maria Pascal

Regent’s University London, UK

This chapter explores the moral aspects of commercial deals that allegedly democratic governments enter into with foreign investors. These are discussed against a twofold theoretical background – where the philosophical ideal of public ethics based on truth and transparency meets business ethics theories.

The Kantian ethics of duty proves to be the key link between these, as particularly relevant for cases where the impact on a wide range of stakeholders is considerable. The main case under consideration is the controversial USD $2 billion Romanian mining project at Roşia Montana, which highlights the need for accountability mentioned above and lends itself well to a multi-fold business ethics analysis.

The role of the civil society in effectively stopping the project is a good illustration of the stakeholder theory. The chapter concludes with the thesis that a high degree of socio-political responsibility may be best achieved when trying to combine principle-based and utilitarian thinking.

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International Business Ethics - cover
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