Research Supervision

I have been supervising both undergraduate and graduate students in Philosophy, Ethics, and Human Rights since 2010. At Regent’s, this used to be cross-disciplinary research, as part of a Liberal Studies curriculum, where students were encouraged to develop research projects that brought together two or three disciplines, e.g. Philosophy and Film, or Human Rights, between Law and Morality.

At Oxford, I supervise projects that fit my areas of expertise more closely, e.g. post-Kantian philosophy, comparative metaphysics, hermeneutics, and the Patristic tradition.

Current research projects

  • I work on notions of self and becoming, as well as two comparative exercises in apophaticism across various traditions, for a Comparative Metaphysics project
  • I use Heideggerian phenomenology and the challenge to go in search for a(nother) God, to find meaning again, in today’s technological society – for a paper on “God in exile: suggestions for a phenomenology of displacement”
  • I am finishing a paper on the experience of the other, from Freiburg to Kyoto, where I explore the way in which Husserl’s intersubjectivity can lead to an ethics of empathy, and the role that nothingness plays along the way.

Current areas of interest also include aesthetics and hermeneutics, both of which relate one way or another, to metaphysics and religion.

I am also writing a monograph on exile, which brings together elements from my own historical background, with reflections on existential aspects of life and the quest for meaning in post-revolutionary societies.