Research Supervision

Dr Pascal has been supervising UG and PG students in Philosophy, Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Management and Human Rights since 2010. At Regent’s, this tends to be cross-disciplinary research, as part of the Liberal Studies curriculum, where students are encouraged to develop research projects that bring together two or three disciplinary areas, e.g. Philosophy and Film, or Business and Psychology, or Ethics, Law and Corporate Responsibility.

Research Interests and outputs


  • Comparative metaphysics and religion – currently engaged in a long-term international research project, looking at apophaticism in multiple traditions, e.g. the Patristic, Daoism, Buddhism, and Sufism
  • Hermeneutics in theory and practice – published widely on the hermeneutical circle, Heidegger, Wittgenstein, Ioan-Petru Culianu (see list of Publications)
  • Notions of identity – currently writing a monography on exile, understood as displacement in both space and time
  • Ethics in post-authoritarian societies – speaking truth to power – the issue of former informers escaping justice; the ethics of giving

Corporate responsibility:

  • Business ethics, law and society: published widely on the notion of power in state-corporate complicity, social activism, and human rights (see list of Publications)
  • Corporate and white-collar crime – co-edited a book on corporate criminal liability (see list of Publications)
  • Policy-led research and publications on migrant worker rights, and policy reform in health and safety law (see list of Publications)