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Paco Pena is in town again

July 2016, London Paco Pena is in town again. It’s been a year since I last saw one of his flamenco shows in London. Everyone talks about the meaning of his titles (this time, ‘Patria’ – motherland) and what his virtuoso...

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Philosophers in Milan

June 2016, Milan There is no shortage of inspiration for philosophers in Milan, especially those interested in elements of praxis. What I was not expecting is the spiritual focus of their fashion philosophy. It makes me wonder...

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Farmer in Romania

October 2015, Vaslui The father goes to the market to buy some pears. He returns with some cheese. He also brings flowers for the mother, which end up in a beautiful vase with no water in. The father eats a slice of cake, which...

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The spirit travels freely

July 2015, Nea Makri (outside Athens) All too often we think we know where the focus is – or should be – in life, as much as in art and photography. But look again, and see how the spirit flows, ever so freely,...

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Descartes had a vision

August 2014, Paris Descartes thought the link between mind and body was somewhere deep inside. Four hundred years later, his brethren seem more inclined to look outwards, and in-between them. Who knows who the philosophers are?...

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