The other mind

19 May 2015

One can live in a particular time, the way other people live in a certain space. “Where do you live – where do you come from?” “I live in the era of the Glorious Revolution – I come from the 17th century” and the like…

Travelling back to one’s home country can be a journey in time, just as well as coming here in the first place, discovering each and every new place, was a window into the future. (For others, of course, this can also be a return to the past).

The other mind knows no such clear-cut, conceptual distinctions. The other mind just lives and breathes through experiences. It feeds itself from roots and instincts located so deep down inside – further down inside than the bottom of the conscious self – and it reaches further away than the rational mind can see.

When we ‘see’ the absurd, and appreciate the beautiful non-sense of the world, it is the other mind that is whispering in our ear. We need to watch out for such drops of madness in our lives – they may well be the true seeds of wisdom. Some that can bring peace of mind, too.