Category: The other mind

A sense of guilt

A sense of guilt 27 May 2015 A true sense of guilt changes you – it changes things. It makes you undo the wrong you did. It transforms you. Otherwise, it’s not real guilt – it’s just discomfort, or an unpleasant feeling that...

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The other mind

The other mind 19 May 2015 One can live in a particular time, the way other people live in a certain space. “Where do you live – where do you come from?” “I live in the era of the Glorious Revolution – I come from the 17th...

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The ethical jungle

The ethical jungle 28 November 2005 Ethics is the most intimate intellectual space there is – for the very reason that, at its core, it is hardly intellectual at all. Rather, it is one’s private jungle. One gets lost and...

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