Soul friends

Soul friends

8 March 2016

This is to spare a thought for all those women out there who are alone, in pain, oppressed, fighting for their life and their rights or working hard to provide for others, all those who walk through the door in silence, without a flower or a smile at the end of the day.

I met them on the shores of Indonesia, in public squares in Poland, and in Romanian villages, but also on the beautiful streets of Milan, London, Berlin, and New York. They have the same stamina and air of solitude everywhere. And the same sense of dignity. They give their life in so many ways, and never ask for anything.

If you are going out for dinner tonight, consider donating your desert to a women’s cause this year.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Soul friends”

  1. This is a beautiful post! It’s incredible to think about all the selfless acts that women in our life do for us. Many times without any acknowledgment. Their perseverance in taking care of others is powerful to see. Seeing this post and their acts of love, teaches us all to take a step back in our daily lives, to be kind and offer help to others when we can. It’s so important to give thanks to the special people in your life that take time out of their days to help you. Many people (not just women) help others but are searching for praise when they do so instead of having pure intentions.

  2. This photo is beautiful; weather, location and people. It’s very admirable that you’ve included a post (or a shout-out) to women who may not have received one before. No matter where we are from, where we are now, or where we are going, no one person in the whole world should ever feel insignificant or forgotten about. I am a true believer that life is too short, so if we could make a donation (which we may consider small, such as £5), could mean a lot more to someone else.

    We should also consider something other then monetary donations. We should simply work to be nicer to our peers and strangers in our everyday lives. Keeping a smile on your face surely is contagious.

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